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come fly with us!

Placements for the 2022/2023 season | June 7 - 16

Come see what makes the Air Force Mavericks the fastest growing cheerleading program in the region! — When you fly with us, you fly with family. 


The sky is the limit for our Mavericks athletes! — As we continue to add to our list of personal and team successes year after year, we look forward to May when we can welcome even more up and coming talent to our ranks. Have you seen us around competition? Have you wondered what it is like to wear the Black, Gold, and White? Want to be part of building your success from the ground up with some of the best young talent around?  Your goals are our goals… TOGETHER we fly!


Our team of certified coaches are knowledgeable and passionate about the sport of cheerleading. We strive to not only build champion athletes, but also strong, compassionate and dedicated people. We teach our athletes to focus on what they can control - attitude, effort, team work, sportsmanship, commitment, technique, and athleticism. We celebrate achievements at competition but also value successes during the season-long journey that we undertake as a team, including skill development, friendships, life lessons, and creating memories. 
We are committed to empowering athletes through guided and safe progressions, focus on technique, skill mastery, and attention to detail. This coaching strategy not only fosters long-term skill development, but also builds confidence, enthusiasm, and self-esteem. Air Force Mavericks is unique among cheer gyms in that all of our competitive teams and tumbling classes are led by experienced, certified, and uplifting coaches who believe in leading athletes based on mutual respect. The quality of coaching and athlete training is consistent across all teams, regardless of age or level, because we believe that strong fundamentals are the key to building well-rounded and successful athletes. 


We train hard in the gym… and when it comes time to take the stage, we make sure we participate in only the highest quality competitions and test our mettle against the top clubs in the country — We believe that an accomplishment is the most rewarding when it is hard-earned. if you want to BE the best, you need to throw down against the best. 


Set your goals high. Train like a champion. Don’t back down. Be a Maverick. 

placement ages 2022

Ready to earn your wings?

Athletes are only required to attend ONE of the available placement sessions.


Fill out the online waiver below.



Find your placement Category using the birth-year table.


Head to our web store to find the placement session that matches your age category and experience level.

Additional Placement Information

Athletes are placed on competitive teams based on their age and skill level — Each team is designed with two goals in mind:


1) The growth trajectory of the individual athletes on the team, and 


2) The overall success of the team. 


With every team placement, we ensure that athletes are placed on teams in which they will have the opportunity to grow and develop new skills but will also play a critical role in all routine elements. 


Proper levelling is critical to team success and also to keeping athletes passionate about the sport of cheerleading for life — There is no quicker way to undermine an athlete’s confidence (and ultimately enjoyment of cheer) than to rush them through the levels before they are ready. Every individual’s growth trajectory is different, and their personal pace of progression will be similarly different. Athlete's can compete at the highest calibre in this sport from levels 1 through 7, and they will thrive when surrounded by peers of similar age and ability. 
Joining a competitive team is a season-long commitment. Team Placements happen in May but we accept registrations through summer with final registrations taking place in early September. Consistent attendance during the competitive season is essential for team success and forms the backbone of the commitment, accountability and responsibility we teach our athletes as members of a team.
We offer competitive teams for all age ranges and skill levels – No experience? No problem! – Already an expert? Join our ranks!

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