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The Air Force Mavericks All-Star Competitive program will challenge, inspire, strengthen, and motivate your child in a positive atmosphere. Our teams compete at a variety of competitions in Ontario and some of them travel to compete in the U.S.A.


Athletes are placed on competitive teams based on their age and skill level. Each team is designed with two goals in mind: 1) The growth trajectory of the individual athletes on the team, and 2) The overall success of the team. With every team placement, we ensure that athletes are placed on teams in which they will have the opportunity to grow and develop new skills but will also play a critical role in all routine elements.  


Joining a competitive team is a season-long commitment. Team Placements happen in May but we accept registrations through summer with final registrations taking place in early September. Consistent attendance during the competitive season is essential for team success and forms the backbone of the commitment, accountability and responsibility we teach our athletes as team members.


We offer competitive teams for all age ranges and skill levels – No experience? No problem! – Already an expert? Join our ranks! For more information about our competitive program or to register for a team this season, please contact us!




Our recreational program is designed to introduce athletes to the sport of cheerleading and teach the basics of tumbling, jumps, stunting, and pyramids in a fun, progression-based, and positive environment. We offer once-per-week classes for different age group (3yrs+) to allow athletes  the opportunity to experience the sport, have fun, and build their skills among peers. Our recreational classes run on Mondays between September and May. 




Our certified coaches will help your athlete advance their skills and perfect their technique through safe progressions and closely supervised training. Classes are limited to 8 athletes to ensure that everyone receives lots of individual coach attention, constructive feedback, and hands-on spotting when necessary. Classes are divided by skill level and occasionally age group, and are offered during summer, fall, and winter sessions.


Although tumbling is part of every competitive team practice, small group classes provide athletes an opportunity to work on skills beyond their current team level, or outside of those in their routine. We also offer specialty tumbling classes for acro dancers, as well as private and semi-private tumbling lessons. Contact us for more information or register using the link below.




Whether you are already a Maverick or are new to cheerleading, cheer camp is a ton of fun and an experience like no other! Come join a week-long introduction to the fundamentals of cheer mixed with exciting games, group activities, and crafts. Camp provides your child with an opportunity to learn about the sport of cheerleading while meeting new friends, getting fit, and having fun!


Camps run during school holidays through the year (March break, PA and PD days), and every week in the summer from July to the end of August. Space is limited, so sign up early! See the links below for more information.



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